January 01, 2006

Finn the half-Great

Novel, first of a planned Pentateuch

SYNOPSIS: Finn the half-Great, Theo Caldwellʼs first novel for young adults, tells the story of Irelandʼs most beloved hero. Finn McCool, at fourteen feet, thinks he is the tallest thing in the Emerald Isle. That is, until he ventures outside his childhood valley. Finn soon discovers that ancient Britain is a land of Giants, dragons, wizards and men, in which he is only one little fellow.

Despite treating those about him as decently as he can, Finn finds he has enemies all over. Even before he was born, cruel creatures known as the Frost Giants killed Finnʼs dad, who was a Giant, and tried to do away with his mum, a mortal woman. When Finn becomes a young man and hears of the unpleasantness that befell his parents, his first order of business is to seek out the Frost Giants and take revenge.

In later years, Finn becomes a calmer chap, living in idle bliss on his hill, known as Knockmany, with his beloved wife, Oonagh. But Finn the half-Greatʼs troubles are not over. Ireland and all of Britain are being overrun by mortal men, who have no patience for bigger fellows like Finn. When Knockmany is attacked by humans and Oonagh is kidnapped by their leader, Jack in the Green, Finn sets out to rally Britainʼs remaining Giants and bring her back.

Finn the half-Great will be released with McClelland & Stewart-Random House, Tundra Books, in the autumn of 2009.

January 01, 2003

A More Perfect Union


On his last night in the White House before leaving for Texas in 1963, PRESIDENT JOHN F. KENNEDY is plagued with doubts. Meanwhile, PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN, walking the same corridors a century before, is troubled by dreams of death. Quite unexpectedly, the two men find themselves in the same room, seeking one another’s counsel. As each president believes the other to be an apparition, they review the seminal events of their lives, hoping to discern the cause of their fears. In particular, they explore their relationships with their wives and children. They consider their places in American history, as well as their private tests of character.

January 01, 2002

Tempest Moon

Three-act stage play, Herman Voaden Competition finalist, among other competitions

SYNOPSIS: PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY, the man destined to become Russia’s most celebrated composer, nervously awaits his houseguests. It is Christmas Eve, 1876, and Pyotr has yet to achieve popular success. This makes the imminent visit of his judgmental father and former teacher all the more daunting. Fortunately, however, Pyotr has managed to secure a patron: NADEJDA VON MECK, a wealthy and eccentric widow who adores Pyotr’s music and offers him an income, while insisting that they never meet in person. Inspired by Pyotr and Nadedja’s real life correspondence over many years, TEMPEST MOON tells the story of Tchaikovsky’s struggles with his family and himself as he copes with his art, his identity, and his place in history.

Frank Magazine

Contributing editor/publisher-in-waiting

January 01, 2001

The Hill

One-hour episodic pilot

January 01, 2000

Angry Young Man

Feature Screenplay

January 01, 1999

Player of the Game

Feature Screenplay

January 01, 1998


Feature Screenplay, produced in New York City

PLOT: "Jane" is a contemporary comedy which chronicles three hectic days in the life of an eccentric, cute and utterly unknown actress in Manhattan. Jane struggles to launch her career, cope with anonymity, and find true love. She finds herself trapped between feelings for Maximilian, the eccentric television star she romanticizes constantly, and Will, the dyspeptic malcontent who tries to impress her. In the end, she must choose between the form of celebrity and the substance of her life.

January 01, 1997

Spring Ahead, Fall Back

Feature Screenplay

January 01, 1996

A Fifth of Henry

Two-act stage play, produced at the American Theatre of Actors, New York, NY