January 01, 2002

Tempest Moon

Three-act stage play, Herman Voaden Competition finalist, among other competitions

SYNOPSIS: PYOTR ILYICH TCHAIKOVSKY, the man destined to become Russia’s most celebrated composer, nervously awaits his houseguests. It is Christmas Eve, 1876, and Pyotr has yet to achieve popular success. This makes the imminent visit of his judgmental father and former teacher all the more daunting. Fortunately, however, Pyotr has managed to secure a patron: NADEJDA VON MECK, a wealthy and eccentric widow who adores Pyotr’s music and offers him an income, while insisting that they never meet in person. Inspired by Pyotr and Nadedja’s real life correspondence over many years, TEMPEST MOON tells the story of Tchaikovsky’s struggles with his family and himself as he copes with his art, his identity, and his place in history.